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We are KunKun Design, a studio based in Paris, France.

Great design and usability are the most important aspects of your product. Through brand strategy and design, we craft experiences that help you stand out as well as stand for something. Tell us about your background, about your customers and your goals. We will create your perfect product!

Some of our latest Work:

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We listen

We listen to your team and pay attention to your product. Connecting people and goals makes everyone successful.

We create

With prototyping and workshops, we create together. As a team, we work to find the best solutions.

We test

We take initial creations and test your content experiences. Get great design and user experience for your product.

We deliver

Delivering a customized service is the key, with our passion for web design. We bring you the best design experience.


A very creative and dedicated Design Studio!

Matthieu V. CEO Smooz

Not only talented, but efficient and professional!

Benoit R. CEO Wehome

Super quick and efficient, perfect for a Studio!

Aurélien L. CEO iOrdo

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